Each day at wemove is full of remarkable experiences and the day that we featured as the removals team on channel 5’s B and B the Best was no exception!

If you’ve never seen the programme before, it’s all about helping people harness the full potential of their house by creating spaces which can be used to generate a little extra income. 


When the B and B the Best film crew decided to come to Bournemouth, they helped Linda transform her house, giving her the ability to rent her spare room to foreign students. But before the lovely Lisa Holloway and her crew could create the perfect student digs, Linda’s spare room had to be cleared of all the clutter.

The shows research team knew this job needed some professionals, so they looked into the removals companies operating in Bournemouth and the surrounding area. They instantly noticed our modern branding and website and liking what they saw, they approached us for a chat. The producers really engaged with our values and after talking to Adam, our founder, asked us to be part of the show.


We sent two of our top removal men over to her Linda’s house in Southbourne, who were greeted by a full production team. There were camera men and sound engineers lined down the street, ready to film us in action. Keen to get their 5 minutes of fame, the removal men got stuck straight in, packing and moving all of the clutter from Linda’s room.

Once we’d completely cleared the room, Linda was able to sort through the clutter easily and anything she didn’t want, we took away, leaving her with a fresh slate. What she did with the room was amazing! With the help of B and B the Best, she completely renovated the space, creating a stylish, comfortable spare room, perfect for any student looking for a long term let in Bournemouth.


Our south coast removals team were thrilled to have an opportunity to help Linda transform her space, giving her a brand new room and income source. Wemove offer a full range of removal services, helping people all over Dorset have remarkable removal experiences every day. So if you need some help clearing out a spare room, are moving house and need a complete removal service or are simply looking for a man and van service, get in touch with our lovely team for a quote. We can’t guarantee that you’re name will be in lights, but we will give you star a studded service.

Not only do we offer removal service in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, and all the places in between, we’re now completing house removals and other services in the following places:

  • Ferndown removals
  • Ringwood removals
  • Verwood removals
  • Wimborne removals

Look out for our wemove van in and around Dorset, and don’t hesitate to give us a wave.