We all know how stressful move day can be. Packing up all of your worldly possessions is a big job and if you don’t keep track of what’s going where, and what you need to keep handy, you’ll get into a bit of a pickle.

Wemove want to take the stress out of move day, so here’s our rundown of the tops packing tips and moving day hacks, to make sure that your house move goes as smoothly as possible!


You don’t need to pack it all

For small cupboards and bedside tables, don’t spend time emptying and packing, simply wrap the doors and draws tightly with cling film. This top packing tip will save you heaps of time and means that when you arrive in your new house, you’ll have one less thing to unpack!



Colour code

This is kind of an obvious one, but so many people just opt for naming their boxes. If you get a pack of coloured labels you can easily colour code all of your boxes making it easy to see at a glance which box goes where in your new house.

Use what storage you already have

You may find you don’t actually need the hundreds of cardboard boxes you first anticipated. You’ll have lots of items around your house that you can use as ‘boxes’ on move day. Use the laundry basket to transport soft toys, use suitcases and bags to move clothes and shoes. This should save you space and money!


Get cheaper packing materials online…And maybe even for free!

You can find bargain packing materials, boxes and bubble wrap online, saving you much more than if you brought from local retailers.
Don’t forget to see what you can get for free on Gumtree and Freecycle. You can always pay it forward and shift all of your spare boxes after move day on one of these sites too, making someone else’s move day a little less stressful and it’s good to recycle!



Bag up your clothes

Bunch up your hanging clothes and pop a bin bag over the top to keen your clothes clean and dry. You may need to secure hangers together with elastic bands. Unpacking clothes this way is a breeze. Untie the elastic bands. pop the hangers on the rail and remove the bin bags. TaDa! Your wardrobe in your new home is ready.


Alternatively ask our team about hiring wardrobe boxes for the day of your move, for no extra charge!


Cushion with cotton wool

There’s nothing worst than having a broken powder in your make up bag. Cushion compacts with cotton wool to avoid messy make up explosions.




Loo rolls for wires

Keep your wires tangle free and organised by using loo rolls as holders. Simple wrap the wires through the empty cylinder and you’ll avoid trying to unknot and sort a big tangle of cables.


Use suitcases for heavy items

Grappling with a box can be hard work when the contents are heavy. By packing up heavy items into suitcases, you’ll be able to use the handle on move day, making it easier to manoeuvre.


Cut handles onto boxes

You can also cut handles into boxes, making them easier to pick up and carry when full of all of your possessions.


Pack and unpack in order

The kitchen is the hardest room in the house to pack. There are tonnes of awkward shaped items, heavy pans, fiddly gadgets and breakables! Once you’ve tackled the kitchen, the rest of the house should be a breeze.

When it comes to unpacking, you’ll want to get your bedroom done first. You’ll be grateful of having a tranquil place to rest your head at the end of move day.


Cling film your toiletries

Spilled shampoo is a disaster on move day. Everything gets coated in slippery soapy liquid which take tonnes of washing to clean. Avoid this by using cling film to cover the tops of any toiletries and securing with the lids or elastic bands.

 Get an app for that

There are loads of really useful apps you can use during your big move, from planning to finding out what new amenities are around the corner from your new house. Find out more about great moving apps in this short blog.




Does all of this sounding like a lot of effort?

Why not sit back and let the wemove team take all the hard work off your hands with our unique packing service.

Our team are packing pros and with all of our specialist packing equipment, we’ll make sure your possessions are packed up in the right way, with the right protection.

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