We used Wemove to remove our furniture and belongings to storage and then from storage to our new home. From start to finish they were excellent. Helen in the office was so kind and patient with my questions and was very supportive and offered good advice. Not having moved for 30 years it was rather overwhelming. Adam and all the lads who were involved are all so nice, good humoured and hard working. Couldn't believe that they emptied in our old house in 2 and a half hours. I highly recommend them to everyone about to move house. 10 out of 10, excellent 👍

Efficient Packing Services for a Seamless Move in the New Forest

Packing is a crucial aspect of the moving process, and having professionals, like the team at Wemove south, handle it can significantly ease your move in the New Forest.

The New Forest, with its enchanting woodlands and serene ambiance, is a haven for those seeking a tranquil abode. As you plan your move within or to this serene locale, ensuring a hassle-free transition is paramount. One significant aspect that can make or break your moving experience is packing. Wemove south know that efficient packing not only safeguards your belongings but also makes the unpacking process a breeze. In this blog, we'll delve into the essence of efficient packing, explore our top-notch packing services, and share some packing tips for those embarking on a DIY move.

The Importance of Efficient Packing

Efficient packing is the cornerstone of a smooth move. It ensures:

  • Safety: Properly packed items are less likely to get damaged during transit.
  • Organization: Well-organized packing simplifies the process of setting up your new home.
  • Time-efficiency: Efficient packing and unpacking save a considerable amount of time.

Our Packing Services Breakdown

At WeMove south our packing services are designed to offer a stress-free moving experience. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Full Packing Service: Our professional team handles everything, from packing to labeling.
  • Fragile Packing Service: Extra care for your delicate items ensuring they arrive intact.
  • Unpacking Service: Making your new house ready to live in, from the get-go.

Packing Tips for a DIY Move

If you're going the DIY route, here are some packing tips to ensure a smooth move:

  • Start Early: Begin packing well in advance to avoid last-minute rushes.
  • Declutter: Less is more when it comes to moving. Declutter unwanted items.
  • Use Quality Materials: Invest in sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape to secure your belongings.

Customer Testimonials

Our satisfied customers are a testament to our excellent packing services. Here are a few words from them:

  • “A seamless packing and moving experience. Highly recommended!” - John, Lyndhurst
  • “The Wemove team were professional, and my fragile items were handled with utmost care.” - Emma, Brockenhurst


Packing is a crucial aspect of the moving process, and having professionals, like the team at Wemove south, handle it can significantly ease your move in the New Forest. Reach out to us to learn more about our packing services and how we can tailor them to meet your moving needs.


  • What packing materials do you use?
  • Wemove use high-quality, durable packing materials to ensure the safe transit of your belongings.
  • Can I request packing for only specific items?
  • Absolutely! We offer flexible packing services tailored to meet your needs.
  • How far in advance should I schedule packing services?
  • It's advisable to schedule as early as possible, especially during peak moving seasons.
  • Do you offer unpacking services as well?
  • Yes, at Wemove south we provide unpacking services to help you settle into your new home quickly.
  • What areas do you cover besides the New Forest?
  • Wemove south cover many surrounding areas in the south of the UK,  including Southampton, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Salisbury and more.